Thursday, December 28, 2017

Things You Must Know Before Buying Hair Extensions

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We often look at a model’s hair and think how lucky she is to have long, thick luscious hair. Hair extensions are one of the clever solutions to hair thinning and hair loss. Many of us have very less idea about hair extensions, hair volumizers and hair highlights. Now hair extensions can be found in Delhi, India also. Here is what you need to know to make the right decision.

Why hair extensions?
There are several benefits to hair extensions.

Hair length problem   Well, synthetic or Human hairextensions are just for you. Now you don’t need to wait for your hair to grow or get frustrated with daily care of long hair. Just use these hair extensions for the look you have always wanted.
Bad hair day remorse will be miles away. All you need is a clip on hair extender and you are on your way to work or a party.

Hair colouring confusion? Yes, hair colouring can cause damage to your hair. Not just that, you might end up with the wrong colour. Your family and friends might give you a hard time with unusual colours too. The Boss at work may give you the look or plainly disapprove of the choice you made. Well, with hair highlights you can get the crazy look that you always wanted and remove whenever you need to.

Hair thinning or hair loss problem? This too can be a no issue with the hair volumizers. The single piece and multiple piece hair extensions need to clipped on. Hair volumizers increase the volume and length of hair leaving you look young and glamorous as any celebrity.

Need a new look?  Just wear them to get a quick and easy way to look fresh and amazing. Reverse the new look and get another one anytime anywhere. No need for the expensive parlors anymore.

Worried about hair damage?  Hair products, hair dryers, straighteners and hair styling agents can damage your hair. But with the easy to use hair extensions, you can leave your worry behind.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Once you have decided to use hair extensions, your next doubt will be whether to use the human or synthetic hair.
Human hair gives a natural look. Make sure they are not dry or easily tangled. Human hair is often expensive and may need extra maintenance like washing and drying.
Synthetic hair gives a long lasting shiny look and are easily affordable.

Get the right colour match

The hair extensions must match perfectly with your natural hair to avoid the false hair being noticed. It must blend in with the colour of your hair ends not the hair roots.
Top Methods

Multiple piece extensions.
More volume and fullness with several hair extensions. They can be from 4 to 7 pieces hiding the frontal, side and back of head thinning or hair loss.
Hair volumizers.
Just a single piece of hair extension can dramatically give more volume and length. Usually it is used for the thick look from the back.
Hair highlights.
Several pieces of single piece highlights can be clipped on. Variety of colours like amber red, copper blonde, lightening blue, silver white etc. are available. Plus no hair damage!

Need Maintenance
Just like natural hair, wash the clip on with a mild shampoo. The shampoo must be sulphate and paraben free. Dry them with a towel gently. Comb and remove any tangles. Use only when completely dry.

Where to buy
Hairextensions in India are available too. Berkowits provides high quality hair extensions in Delhi. Here you can get the right type and colour for your hair. You can even get advice from hair experts.

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