Monday, January 22, 2018

Tips For Wear A Hair Wigs Properly And Make it Look Natural

You can use a hair wig to cover baldness or just for fun. Wigs are available for men and women which are made up of human or synthetic hair. People Experiment with Synthetic vs Human wigs to find your style and color. Celebrities wear them all the time so why not others. However, wearing a wig needs a little guidance.

Tip No.1- The right cap size
Before wearing any hair wig, tie up the hair and wear a cap. The cap must be of the right size. Usually, an average cap size is 22 inches or 55.8 cms. Larger size at 23 inches and smaller ones at 21.5 inches are available too. Many have adjustable straps to fit onto your head as per convenience.

Tip No.2 – Styling your wig
Use pins to fix the wig on the wig blockhead or mannequin head before wearing them. This makes it easier to style since you can see the wig in front of you.

Tip No.3- Prep your hair
All your original hair must be tied up at the back to fit into the cap. If you have long hair, make two tight braids and pull them back. Fix them with pins and clips at the nape of the neck. Hairspray can be used to make sure no stray hair comes out.

Tip No. 4 – Putting on the wig
Use both hands to hold the wig. Tilt your head forward and align the hair wig front and front hairline. Slide the rest of the wig in place. Adjust the wig until it feels comfortable. Fix it using wig clips or wig tape.

Tip No. 5- Adjusting the wig size
Some wigs have adjustable straps to tighten it. Alternatively, you can place the hair wig on the wig blockhead and spray some water to loosen it. Customizable hair wigs are also available to get the exact size, shape, and color.

Tip No. 6 – Wig maintenance
All hair wigs must be stored on a wig blockhead or a mannequin head. This is done to ensure that it does not lose its shape. If you can’t invest in a blockhead, store the wig in a fish net. Make sure it remains dry for the next use.

Synthetic or Human Hair wigs accumulate sweat and dirt from its use. Wash the wig with a mild shampoo regularly. Avoid using hot hair dryers as it may damage the hairs.
Hair wigs for men are similar to hair wigs for women. Hair wigs for men have shorter hair but require great care as well.

Tip No. 7 – Confidence
Last but not the least, wear your wig proudly. Don’t worry about what your friends or peers may say. They better get used to your new look!

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