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How to get thicker hair | Secrets of Indian Long Hair

Nobody wants to have flat, limp hair and when you have hair like that, styling it can prove to be far more challenging. Hair Thinning can occur due to a variety of factors. Sometimes it can take place due to a malfunction of the hormone-producing thyroid or many a times it can occur due to natural hormone changes. Boosting up thin hair doesn’t have to involve complicated styling tricks. Just follow these simple tips and tricks on how to get thicker hair that you have always wanted.

  • Switch to Sulphate- Free Products: While buying a shampoo, always check the ingredients list on the label to ensure that the shampoo has a sulfate-free composition as such shampoos are composed of detergents that are gentler in nature and help in preserving your hair's natural oils.

  • Use a Conditioner: For hair that's thinning, a conditioner can work wonders. A conditioner provides cover to the hair by locking in moisture required to stay nourished. Using a conditioner regularly ensures that the hair does not dry out or split. A good nourishing conditioner should ideally be composed of Meadowfoam Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Glycerin to achieve optimum effectiveness. It is best to keep your hair weather-proof before the start of summers and winters as these harsh weather conditions take their toll on our hair.

  • Scalp Stimulation: Massage therapy is a very impactive way to get the long and healthy hair to compare with other ways. Try to stimulate your scalp through a massage. Massaging your scalp using olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil and massage the scalp from essential oils that contain peppermint or eucalyptus oil has great benefits as it increases blood circulation around your follicles thereby enhancing growth. Massage your hair for two to three times a week can stimulate hair growth.

  • Comb Carefully: Combing your hair seems like the most natural thing to do. But if you’re not careful, it can do more harm than good. Running a comb through wet hair creates split ends and also, pulling too hard on the hair can lead to breakage. Hence, excessive brushing is not a good idea if you want fuller hair.

  • Avoid Using Heating Tools: When you apply heating tools to your hair, such as heating plates and hot rollers, you are running a risk of burning the hair cuticle. To prevent such damage, use ionic dryers and ceramic irons that have uniformly heated plates so that running over the same section of hair can be avoided.

  • Go for Hair Supplements: You can consider taking oral hair biotin supplements, collagen peptides, collagen supplements and hair growth tablets to prevent hair thinning. A good hair growth supplement should ideally be a formulation of Hair Vitamins & Minerals combined with Amino Acids and Grape Seed Extract for better effectiveness.

  • Avoid Too-frequent Haircuts: Contrary to the myth, frequent haircuts do not help in stimulating hair growth. Instead of going in for frequent haircuts from the length, have your hair ends trimmed.

  • Curb Stress: Stress is known to be a major cause of hair thinning as stress causes the release of hormones such as Cortisol that contributes in a major way to hair thinning.

  • Hair Fibers: Another effective solution to combat hair thinning is Hair Fibers. These hair fibers instantly give you the appearance of thicker and fuller hair. These hair fibers are made of natural proteins that are statically charged. They intertwine with the existing hair and give you a completely natural look. They are also very durable and can withstand perspiration and external factors such as rains and wind.

Modern science has made tremendous progress in hair care and has produced innovative solutions that are super effective and offer quick results. By following a disciplined routine of diet, collagen rich foods, biotin supplements and a few preventive measures it is possible to reverse hair thinning easily and conveniently and get the Indian long hair that you desire.

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