Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Skin Pigmentation On The Face

The main problems which ruins your beauty are spots on the face, acne, skin damage from sun rays, wrinkles, pigmentation, rashes, hyper pigmentation, skin discoloration etc. pigmentation on the face is most common and noticeable problem in women sometimes in men's also.
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The critical issue is to diagnose Skin pigmentation is that whether those are patches of darker pigmentation, or it’s normal skin color which seems to look darker by vitiligo in the surrounding skin area. When Melanin appears as brown patches on the face is called Pigmentation. This pigmentation is usually symmetrical. It reflects on both sides of the face. The most common areas affected on nose,cheekbones,forehead and the upper lip area. Melasma is commonly found among woman suffering from hormonal disorders, like thyroid Poly cystic ovarian disease, ,menopause or pre menopause. Those who take oral Contraceptives, also develops melasma. Too much exposure to sun can also lead to this problem as we all know sunlight tans the skin and leaves it dark.

Men too suffer from pigmentation on the face due to stress or diabetes. Few men have a family history of this problem.

Try to avoid Some foods if you have face pigmentation like tea,coffee,ice cream, chocolate, toffees,pastries,spices called garam masala, acidic things.  it is also not advisable to use cosmetics that are chemical based on your face. Special fruit acid peels and herbal peels, microdermabrasion, acugel, acupuncture or combination of above is a good pigmentation treatment based on the type and gravity of pigmentation.


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