Saturday, July 30, 2016

Benefits of Popular Natural Hair Re-Growth Treatments

Natural Hair Re-Growth
In most of the cases, hair fall which has not taken the form of Alopecia does not require any sort of treatment. Hair grows as per its own lifecycle and a large number of hairs, at any given time are either dying or in resting phase, which eventually leads to hair fall. And therefore, it is normal to lose almost 50-90 hair per day. However, if the numbers are alarming then in such cases, it is time for a thorough diagnosis and treatment.

hair care(1)Hair loss, as popularly believed can only be treated through modern methods. But, there are several natural treatments that can be used, but they might not be highly effective in cases of alopecia caused due to androgens and genetic predisposition. Then these methods have long been effective in maintaining healthy hair. Some of those natural methods and their benefits are detailed below.
Coconut Oil Massage:
It has been used since ages and a warm coconut oil massage soothes the scalp and promotes blood circulation. It also helps in growth of healthy follicles which further produce strong and thick hair. However, it does not help in reversing the lost hair as it has no effect on the DHT.
Healthy Diet:
It is well established that diet rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B and their various forms are great for health of hair. Food rich in these Vitamins not only help in growth of healthy hair but also have some impact in reducing the rate of hair loss. Moreover, diet rich in Vitamin A should be avoided, as it is known to cause and trigger hair loss, though it is advisable to maintain minimum consumption of Vitamin A.
Natural Shampoo and Conditioners:
Chemicals that are harmful for health of hair and can cause your hair to go dry and rough are found in popular shampoo and conditioner. And therefore, it is best advisable to use natural shampoo and conditioner such as a concoction of Ritha, Shikakai and Amla.. This has long been used in India and people having used this potion have enjoyed great hair since their ripe age. However, it is also true that this potion does not work in preventing hair loss caused due to Androgenetic Alopecia.
Among other popular natural hair growth treatments there are not many that you could follow in your present day routine. All the more, these treatments or hair care methods help you keep your hair healthy and prevent dandruff and other normal hair problems. But, as far as hair loss caused due to DHT is concerned, there are almost no natural ways to cure it. And for the treatment, you have to resort to hair transplant methods.

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