Monday, July 4, 2016

Get Soft and Supple Skin Through Laser Hair Removal

Hello gorgeous women and men out there!!! Say goodbye to waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, threading and tweezing!!!
If you want to ooze oodles of confidence, to be able to wear stylish clothes anytime or go out on a beach excursion without having to worry about bodily hair, then Laser Hair Removal is just the best for you. It is a pioneering, non-invasive and painless cosmetic procedure which permanently removes bodily hair from areas such as upper and lower lips, side burn, legs, thighs, hands, arms, eyebrows, neck, nape, shoulders, back, bums, bikini area, breasts and toes etc.
Laser Hair Removal comprises terminating the hair roots with low-energy laser stream of light which is methodically concentrated spot-by-spot to the areas needs to be treated. The laser beam immediately and perpetually disable the melanin-containing hair follicle while the surrounding skin is not affected at all.
The factors that are taken into consideration before using laser are skin type and color, body area to be treated, hair density and coarseness in that area, device type and wavelength to be used, pulse width etc.
At Berkowits, we use Intense Pulse Light laser, ND:YAG laser and Diode laser to obtain optimal results in short time. Usually 6-8 sessions are required over a period of 10-12 months for permanent hair reduction.
Hair Clinic at Berkowits boasts of highly-competent doctors and hair experts and procedure that is budget friendly.
So what are you waiting for….

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