Monday, July 4, 2016

Top 10 reasons of Scalp itching in summers

Scalp hair is the most precious gift to mankind. For a man it can be his style statement, whereas for a woman it could be one of her matching ornament. It is even considered to be the foremost essential thing that enhances ones first look. Remember that saying: ‘First impression is the last impression’.
The outermost part of scalp, which is skin layer, is exposed and prone to several external factors that can cause flaking and itching. The reason can vary from excessively dry scalp to oily hair, even various skin related and hair related problems causes itching. Improper hygiene and hair which is not regularly cleaned and washed also causes itching and therefore it is necessary to maintain good hygiene. In summers, the problem of itching scalp can aggravate. Top 10 causes that can aggravate the problem of scalp itching during summers are as follows.
  1. Poor hair care – Hair can get messy quite quickly and when it is drenched in sweat, the problem is even more severe. In summers, no matter how well you wash your hair, the hair and scalp is sweaty most of the time. Such prolong exposure to sweat causes itching. To overcome with this problem: Men can keep their hair short; while women can use recommended products for scalp and hair care to stay away from the problem.
  2. Loss of moisture – In dry summers, lack of moisture in air makes scalp dry, actually; excessively dry. Even using harsh shampoo can render scalp dry which is highly prone to getting irritated scalp and result in itching.
  3. Acne – Scalp layer is also prone to certain forms of Acne including Acne Vulgaris. When the scalp gets affected with Acne Vulgaris, the skin layer gets flaky and causes itching. In summers, Acne aggravates and so does itching. Proper treatment pertaining to Acne is recommended in such cases
  4. Folliculitis – The red bumps filled with pus that can be caused due to several reasons are also known to be a major cause of itchy scalp. In these cases, it is required to see a qualified dermatologist. Use of high quality antibacterial shampoo is also greatly recommended.
  5. Tinea Capitis – It is a contagious infection caused due to fungal attack. In this case, Itching is not the only harm that scalp gets, but it can also cause localized hair loss and result in swelling of the part of the scalp it infects. It requires medical attention and should be referred to a qualified dermatologist.
  6. Head Lice – Summers offer an ideal habitat situation for lice to breed, especially in long hair. These lice stick to the scalp and feed and excrete over it; thereby causing itching. Other than well kept hair, anti-lice powders and medicated shampoos are a great way to get rid of the problem.
  7. Allergic Dermatitis – This is caused due to use of cosmetics or other substances that contain chemicals. Many people are allergic to various types of regular use of hair cosmetics and suffer from problem of itching. Treatments containing specific steroids and oral medications help in getting relieve from itching.
  8. Scalp Psoriasis – It is similar to Psoriasis over any other part of body and can be like a small patch or can spread over a large area. In cases it appears over scalp and causes itching, it is highly recommended to consult a dermatologist.
  9. Stress – Summers are irritating and people profuse a lot and therefore are more prone to stress. Itching is normally caused in many parts of body including scalp when people are stressed out. The best way to get over from this type of itching is de-stress and drink plenty of water.
  10. Seborrheic Dermatitis caused by Fungi – When oil glands become overactive and start producing excessive oil then it also breeds fungi, which causes dandruff and itching. A good medicated anti-dandruff shampoo is a good way to find itching caused by Seborrheic Dermatitis.

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