Friday, August 19, 2016

A Brief on Hair Transplant Processes and Their Cost

The concept of hair transplant finds its root in the finding that ‘skin grafts continue to grow hair even when implanted on a different location’. However the Japanese doctor who noted this finding could not further his finding for hair transplant to treat baldness. It was much later that dermatologists perfected the art of hair transplant which of course find its earliest glimpse in research of Dr. Okuda. Today, the method of hair transplant has almost reached the stage of perfection and the two popular methods, followed worldwide happen to be that of FUE and FUT.
This method is in line of direct development of traditional hair transplant procedures. In the process, strip of hair along with skin is extracted from seemingly DHT resistant part of scalp and then individual grafts are separated before they are implanted. This process leaves behind a linear cut mark that does not allow the patient to keep a short crop. Further, the success rate is good but there are higher chances of decapitation of follicles while processing grafts out of the strip of skin. These factors, including the fact that it leaves behind a cut mark; however, does not make it useless; rather it has a good success rate.
The cost of the process invariably depends upon the number of grafts or follicles which are to be extracted and implanted. The cost also depends upon the quality of clinic, choice of hair transplant expert and time taken for the procedure. However, in general sense, the cost of the procedure depends highly on the number of hair and its density which is required by a patient.
It is the advance format of FUT process and is mother to numerous other adaptations in the field of hair transplantation. Contrary to peeling out skin surface, in this procedure, individual grafts are directly punched out using precision equipment. The equipment used to punch out the grafts and implant them into the bald region of scalp, varies as per the choice of treatment procedure. This variation also drives the cost factor and the quality of treatment offered by a particular process also pulls the cost factor. However, since the cost of hair transplant is generally based on the number of grafts extracted and implanted; the overall cost of FUE transplant and FUT transplant is dependent on individual factors and thus is personalized.
The basic reason behind this calculation is the fact that better the process less are the number of waste follicles and grafts and also with advanced equipment used for adapted procedures of FUE such as Robotic Hair Transplant, the time taken for the procedure is also less. And therefore, along with higher success rate and advanced method, you also get to save your money with FUE or improved methods of hair transplanted which are based on FUE. However, other factors such as fees of the hair transplant surgeon and the quality of the clinic chosen for the transplant can also play a major role in calculating the overall cost of the procedure.

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