Friday, August 12, 2016

How to Restore Natural Color of Your Hair

Restore Natural hair Color

When we talk about color of hair, it is not limited to black. Even brown and blonde are natural hair color of large number of population throughout the world. The color of hair is determined as per amount of melanin produced by the body. This pigment is produced by cells called melanocytes and its production depends on various factors such as age, environment and genetic makeup.
As a result of natural aging process number of melanocytes decreases and hence there is decrease in Melanosynthesis. It subsequently results in reduced level of Melanin and thus causes white hair. Absence of melanin also makes the hair brittle and drier. People, above age of 50 years normally face the problem of gray or white hair. However, it is no surprise that people even in their 30s’ suffer from this problem.
For long it has been accepted that there are no ways to restore hair color. It implied that once your hair has gone white, it cannot be restored to its original color. But, new advances in science and studies in the field of dermatology have now made it possible. Yes, you can actually get back the color of hair. So, you must be wondering how to restore natural color of your hair. The answer is by increasing the level of melanin through following ways.

Intake of protein:
It is necessary to boost the production of melanin ensuring your hair gets black again. And the best way to achieve the same is to increase the intake of protein. Your diet should include a proper portion of food that supplied sufficient amount of protein to the body. It is known that if a person lacks proper protein supply for a long time then hair loses a lot of melanin. And to replenish, it is necessary to boost the production of melanin by consuming more protein.
Iodine and Copper:
A deficiency of these two elements leads to slow production of melanin and thus causes white hair. Moreover, except iodized salt there are not many natural sources of iodine. Similarly, Copper is sparingly found in most of the foods. But, if you have to restore the color of your hair then it is best advised to increase consumption of seafood. Most of the fishes, crabs and oysters are known to be a good source of both iodine and copper.
It is also advisable to practice Yoga and breathing exercise at it improves overall mechanism of the body and might boost Melanosynthesis. However, if you have tried all of the above and you could not get your hair color back then it is time to consult your dermatologist and seek his consultation. After examination of the causes of white hair, expert hair treatment doctor will formulate a treatment plan.
The plan can either be focused on improving melanin production or can also target any other underlying cause that has inhibited production of Melanin. Most of the times, doctor do prescribe over the counter drugs such as Melanchor. It is known to boost production of melanin and hence restores the black color of the hair.

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