Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Vitamin C – An Essential Nutrient for Healthy Skin

Vitamin C is made up of Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen and is also known as Ascorbate. Its structure allows it to act like an element that donates electrons to various enzymatic and also to some of the non-enzymatic reactions. Among many popular enzymatic reactions to which Vitamin C donates electron, it is best known to act as an enzymatic cofactor in collagen synthesis. And for this very reason it is known to play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your skin.
vitamin c

The importance of this vitamin as a necessary factor for good health of skin and extracellular stability is evident from the fact that any person suffering from Scurvy or deficiency of Vitamin C shows symptoms such as dry and rough skin and impaired growth of hair follicles. To better understand the usefulness of this vitamin for the health of the skin, you can consider the following facts.
·         Diet rich in Vitamin C heals skin ailments faster
·         It helps reduces skin wrinkles
·         It helps to Improve natural glow of skin
·         Acts as antioxidant and protects from harmful effects of UV rays
Since, it is well researched and accepted fact that Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for great skin; it is about time that you should know about its natural sources and how you can add extra or at least consume required amount of this vital vitamin ensuring good health of your skin. Some of the food sources and options of supplements that provide required amount of Vitamin C are as follows.
·         Vegetables – Dark green leafy vegetables are a prime source of this vitamin. You can also consider consuming broccoli, bell peppers, sprouts and basil to fulfill the required amount of intake of Vitamin C.
·         Fruits – All citrus fruits are known to be a rich source for this vitamin. Guava, Papaya, strawberries and Kiwi are also a great alternative.
·         Animal Sources – Calf liver, Oysters and chicken liver are considered sufficient to fulfill the needs for Vitamin C. However, calf liver and Oysters lose much of their vitamins when boiled or cooked and hence are best when consumed raw. But chicken liver should only be consumed after shallow frying.
As a general rule, Vitamin C is sensitive to heat and thus cooking the sources on high heat destroys the benefits and therefore, as a practice, you should consume their sources raw or boiled to garner maximum benefits. But, if you are not able to take a balanced diet that is able to complete the requirements for this vitamin then it is suggested that you should find an alternate in food supplements. However, you should choose the supplements cautiously and it is any day better to consult your doctor for the same. Some of the over the counter vitamin supplements are also a good option but you must study their side effects and seek advice of your physician or dermatologist before consuming them to fulfill your requirement of Vitamin C.

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