Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hair Transplant: A Way to Restore Lost Hair and Confidence

The effects of fast paced lifestyle can be clearly seen on the health of the people today.  Its worst impact can be observed on the hair  that not only affects the personality of an individual but also boosts the self-esteem and confidence of the person. However, there are many techniques developed today which helps in eradicating the problem of hair loss. One such technique is hair transplant it is accepted in the world today. There are many types of follicle transplant that include slit, strip, micro, mini and punch grafting techniques.
Hair fall occurs due to several reasons for example, hormonal imbalance, age related factors  genetic inheritance, stress and injuries. In such cases hair transplant has turned out to be a boon for people suffering from the critical issue of hair loss. However, when deciding for a hair transplant cost is a considerable significant determining factor as well. Berkowits is one such hair and skin clinic in Delhi where you can get best hair transplant in Delhi. The cost of hair transplant is based on the following factors:

  • The type of follicular transplant technique
  • The degree of hair loss the patient has experienced till date
  • The amount of donor hair available
  • Donor hair characteristics (hair caliber, hair texture, hair color)
  • The patient’s desired result

Hair transplant requires a good replacement surgeon and hence, should be performed under expert guidance. A hair transplant specialist should possess vast knowledge about different regeneration techniques and should be able to guide the patient accordingly so that the patient is able to take well informed decision. The experienced and specialized surgeons at Berkowits provides best hair transplant in Delhi at a competitive cost. Also, a good doctor must assess the lifestyle of the patient in order to get the desired result.
With the advancement in technology new hair transplant techniques have been introduced that include ultra refined grafting, ultra refined follicular unit grafting, micro graft transplant and follicular unit transplantation. Berkowits hair and skin clinic is among the best hair transplant centers in Delhi that can assist you at every step of hair transplant. However, there are certain misconceptions associated with hair transplant such as a hair transplant is not permanent, hair transplants are expensive, a transplant is painful, a hair transplant is reversible, etc. These misconceptions remains misconceptions as the truth is that a hair transplant is a permanent surgical procedure that lasts for the rest of one’s life.
Due to advancement in surgical technology the pain associated with hair transplantation has considerably reduced. Also, the hair transplants are not so expensive if the long term benefits are considered. Berkowits is one stop solution for all your hair transplant related queries and treatment that would help in the regrowth of your hair at a reasonable cost in Delhi.

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