We see the celebs with gorgeous skin and often wonder how they do it? We end up believing that they only resort to very expensive and impractical makeup regime, which is not possible for women to follow ordinarily. However, these celebs aren’t so different from us and their skin care tips are something that can be made easily applicable. Let us take a look at how some actresses take care of their skin and keep it looking flawless without all the makeup.
  1. Hema Malini – It only makes sense to start off this list with the woman who was awarded the tag of ‘Dream Girl’. Hema Malini till date has a healthy glow on her skin despite her age, and she owes it to her strict vegetarian diet consisting of roti, dal, vegetables, rasam, dry fruits, paneer, freshly cooked vegetables, a cleansing-toning-moisturising routine and most importantly, drinking lots and lots of water. She once said that she could drink up to 17 bottles of water to flush the toxins out of her body! While that may not be feasible for a lot of us, drinking 10-12 glasses surely is. She recommends using aroma oils for a glowing skin and the Clarins cream to moisturise her skin.
  2. Kareena Kapoor Khan – Bebo dazzled the screen with her size zero avatar in Tashan however, she never resorted to fad diets to achieve her goal. Distributing her meals into small six course meals at regular intervals of 2-3 hours, avoiding too much caffeine and sugar intake, getting proper sleep and doing power yoga regularly helped her achieve her healthy body and that healthy skin over a period of time. Her idea was to not take shortcuts and be consistent with her routine.
  3. Aishwarya Rai Bachcchan – We have all been awestruck by the beauty of this woman. An exercise regime and a healthy diet, coupled with appropriate hours of sleep keeps this beautiful woman looking like the way she does. Aishwarya believes in a non-complicated skincare regimen and takes small but significant steps to keep her skin glowing. After a long and tiring day of exposing her skin to dust and pollution, she treats it to some fresh cucumber juice, uses face pack containing wheat flour or gram flour to exfoliate her skin and mixes yoghurt and milk as a moisturiser. Apart from this she makes sure that she consumes plenty of water throughout the day and starts her mornings with a cup of hot water mixed with lemon and honey.
  4. Katrina Kaif – This diva owes her flawless skin to a healthy lifestyle. She has a very healthy and positive outlook towards life and gives a lot of weight to maintaining her overall health rather than just a slim figure because of which, she is successful in maintaining her beautiful self. Katrina swears by her natural health supplements such as wheatgrass powder and acai berry, consumes plenty of water throughout the day, exercises 6 days a week and also places reliance on mud packs and beauty oil, followed by a suitable cleanser.
  5. Anushka Sharma – This gorgeous woman has a very stunning face and a flawless skin which she keeps healthy and glowing by following a skincare regimen involving compulsory removal of makeup using aloe Vera wet wipes, following the three step cleansing-toning-moisturising makeup process, uses rosewater and neem face packs to detoxify her skin and exercises regularly. After all, naturally beautiful skin is the result of a healthy lifestyle.
See, these are steps that we can easily adopt ourselves. Most of the advices given are home-based remedies and hence, easy and inexpensive. All it requires is a healthy attitude, some discipline in following your diet and getting enough sleep. Are you also looking forward to having great skin? Get in touch with a skin care expert and know how you can also get the flawless celeb-like skin you have alays wanted.