According to Frost and Sullivan, The Hair Transplant industry is estimated to grow by an average of 25% CAGR. This growth rate has not gone unnoticed as many chains and stand alone clinics have entered the market in the last 3-4 years. This has resulted in a fragmented market with many segments that have different price points.
Here is how you should compare the value and cost of each transplant clinic for FUE Hair Transplant.
Step 1- Identify your stage of baldness.
The first step in considering Hair Transplant is to identify your stage of baldness.
A common estimate is to multiply your stage of baldness with 1000 to approximate the number of grafts that would be needed to restore your hair.
Step 2- Understand what is a graft and a follicle.
In the industry, many clinics use grafts and follicles interchangeably. Be careful of such scams, as a graft may have 1-5 follicles or hair. It is a common practice to charge 'per graft'. The cost of Hair Transplant per graft ranges from Rs 15 to Rs 100.
On an average each extracted graft can be thought of having 2.50 follicles of hair. When going for a hair transplant make sure you are clear whether you are paying per follicle or per graft.
Step 3: Account for Graft Survival Rate
It is important to remember that you are getting the surgery to get your hair back and not for the sake getting a Hair Transplant done, therefore, it is important to think about 'Graft Survival Rate'.
Simply put graft survival rate is the percentage of implanted grafts that grow into full thick hair.
This is dependant on many factors including 'the amount of time a graft spends outside the body', 'the experience of the technician in handling the graft', 'the angle of the incision' etc.
Below is an example of a wrongly done incision that has made the graft useless. Even though you might be paying for the implantation of this graft, it will not grow, adding to your cost.
Step 4: Look for Transparency and Trust
The meteoric rice of Hair Transplant has not come without its adverse affects. There are many scams which make use of the loopholes in the system. Below we have mentioned a few such scams:
- Graft multiplication: Some clinics that charge on the basis of grafts implanted, inflate the number of grafts implanted by dissecting each graft into multiple grafts. As discussed above a graft can have upto 5 hair, some clinics dissect such grafts to inflate the number of grafts implanted. Below is an example of the same.
- Graft Counting: You must ensure how the clinic will count the grafts that they will implant as it can be used to inflate your cost.
Example: If you paid Rs 20 per graft for 3000 grafts, but only 2500 were implanted, you actually paid Rs 24 per graft.
Once you have taken the above factors into consideration, you may opt for the right Hair Transplant at the right cost.
At Berkowits Hair and Skin Clinics, we do not encourage a per graft costing as we do our best to give you the best results. We charge on the basis of sessions and can implant upto 3000 grafts in a single session. You may call +91 9999666699 for more information!