Friday, June 16, 2017

How to get a fair skin?

Striving to look perfect before your wedding day or a photo shoot or for that perfect selfie? How irritating and frustrating if, on the day before, a pimple decides to show up on your face? We know. It happens.
Jill S. Waibel, MD, Miami Dermatology & Laser Institute, nailed it when she said, “Any disease that you come into contact with can be reflected onto your skin”. The skin is the most sensitive organ we have, which always required extra care and attention. If not provided, it results in complexities and throws up disappointments in the form of Zits / Pimples, Acne, Scars, Blemishes, Unstable skin, etc. All you need is to do is start taking better care of your skin with a disciplined approach that works for your skin type and addresses all its needs. After all, perfect skin boosts your confidence and reflects good health.

Internal care is must for skin

No matter what the time or season is - summer or winter - if you are not following a disciplined approach to skin care, it  will damage your skin in long run. Sure, skin whitening creams available off-the-shelves will lighten your complexion – but only temporarily. Start loving yourself and follow skin whitening treatments – and you can have a clear, smooth and blemish-free skin.

 Kiss imperfections goodbye with Berkowits
 Your skin is the most exposed organ in your body  – and one that works 24/7. If damaged, therefore,  it is really hard to bring back its original ‘glory’, so to speak. Thus maintaining the balance between beauty and health (hey, you were born with) is both critical, and something that you owe yourself. Avoid external factors that may damage your skin texture –like over exposure to the sun,  which can enhance the melanin production of your body – something that leads to tanning and pigmentation on the skin.

Take these blows head-on and rid them for good by using the Advance Skin Care of Berkowits - A  renowned Hair and Skin Clinic that helps you to define and customize a skin routine specific to the imperfections in yours. 

You name it – we have it

How to get the fair skin? How to get it fast? How to ensure it stays over the long term? Berkowits has the answer to all these and more – under a single roof.

Based on scientific dermatological research and knowledge, we always advise on the correct skin care for each skin type.


Muscle Relaxer & Filler


 An anti-aging treatment that includes BOTOX, Fillers, and Restylane Vital.





Facial Rejuvenation


 Treatment that restores the elasticity of your skin –includesome common procedures such BOTOX    injections, DMAE Creams, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Facial Toning, Collagen Injection and Permanent  Makeup.

 Enhance and improve the appearance/glow of your skin. This will lessen the fine lines and modify the  uneven skin tone. Regions of the body covered here are the Neck, Arms, Legs, Chest And Face.





Acne, Acne Scars, Fine Lines & Stretch marks


 The treatment provides here helps soften wrinkles, fine lines and reduces scars.





Collagen Induction Therapy

 Enables collagen production of the body and remove scars. Alternate name: MICRONEEDLING.




Laser Skin technology

 An FDA approved the safe, fast, gentle and effective method for the removal of lesions, wrinkles,  scars, and sun damaged skin.





 Moles, Warts, Tags & Freckles

 Painless treatment for removing warts, tags and moles.



Birthmarks, Age Spots &Tatoo removal

 Laser Technology to remove marks in a painless way.



Pigmentation and Under Eye Circles

 Special fruit acid peels, herbal peels,

 Special fruit acid peels, herbal peels, acugel, microdermabrasion, and acupuncture - offer  good      results in removing dark spots, dark circles, pigmentation.

Time to address the underlying cause of your skin problem…with Berkowits
So now you know it all. And you can’t plead ignorance anymore. It’s time, now, for action! Visit the experts at Berkowits – and regain your confidence, charisma and look with a skin that’s fair, healthy and yes, lovely!
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